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Found your dream holiday home at Whitehill Country Park? Here is some further information to help turn your dream into reality... 

Buying your holiday home

Found your dream holiday home at Whitehill Country Park? To secure your holiday the lodge or plot of your choice we would required a deposit.

  • If purchasing an already sited showhome, the required deposit will be 10%.
  • If you are selecting a plot for the holiday home model of your choice this will require a 25% deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable and the remaining balance will be due 30 days before hand-over or delivery to site.

Site Fees & Insurance - First 12 Months Site Fees and £300 Insurance Included#
Holiday home ownership is subject to annual sites fees.This is currently set at £4,500 per year including VAT and rates. For the first 12 months your site fees are included. For your peace of mind insuring your holiday home is essential. On average this is around £300 per year*. For the first 12 months we will arrange the insuracne for you and provide a £300 contribution. 

Annual Running Costs
Gas, electricity and water are metered and charged at cost. As a guide, the average annual charge for a Lodge is around £250, however this will depend on  your personal usage and if you chooe to install a hot tub with cost will increase.

Manufactors Warranty
If you are purchasing a new lodge, this will come with a 10-year Gold Shield manufactors warranty and a 40 year roof guarantee.

A standard sized deck is included in the cost of your holiday home. This must be supplied andfitted by the park and can be extended and customised at additonal cost.

Hot Tub Installation and Running Costs
A private hot tub is a great addition to any holiday home and is sure to make you the envy of your friends! This must be installed by Whitehill Country Park. In accordance with HSA regulations, when in use, daily checks are
required on all hot tubs. Our on-site team will maintain your hot tub and perform these checks at a cost of £1000 per year, plus VAT.

Letting Opportunities
We are able to offer a letting service which is a great way to offset the running costs of your holiday home.
Lodges are suitable to be let for 11 months of the year (E.g. 10th February- 9th January).

If you choose to let your holiday home, you will need to purchase a Letting Pack, which includes a standard inventory of cutlery, crockery, cookware etc. We also recommend removing or securely storing any personal items. A 32% charge will apply which includes cleaning charges and commission.

Finance - Please speak to our sales team.

Selling your holiday home
Should the time come to sell your holiday home, this will be marketed through Whitehill Country Park and we reserve the right to first refusal on any sale. A 10% sales commission will apply. Ownership of your holiday home can be gifted/transferred to immediate family.

For further information call us on 01803 782338 or email [email protected]

# Applies to new holiday home only. * Average charge, this varies and maybe more if you have claimed in the past 5 years.


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