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Granary Bar

The Granary Bar plays host to a range of family friendly evening entertainment including bingo, quizzes and childrens fun and games. Plus enjoy more live music than ever before from our Resident Band and a range of visiting musicians and comedians.

Visiting Acts for 2017 include:



5th New Daze Folk/Pop Duo

12th New Daze Folk/Pop Duo

16th Ash Denver Vocalist



28th Mark Andrew Smith Vocalist



3rd 2FAT4THAT Vocal Comedy Trio



19th New Daze Folk/Pop Duo

21st Joe Stone Magician/Sleight of Hand Artist

23rd Kev Wells Vocalist

27th Arnold Gutbucket Comedian

28th Sarah Yeo Singer/Songwriter

30th Dave Banana Singer/Guitarist



3rd Arnold Gutbucket Comedian

4th Ash Denver Vocalist

6th Kev Wells Vocalist

9th 2FAT4THAT Vocal Comedy Trio

10th Arnold Gutbucket Comedian

11th Dave Banana Singer/Guitarist

13th Kev Wells Vocalist

17th Arnold Gutbucket Comedian

18th Sarah Yeo Singer/Songwriter

20th Kev Wells Vocalist

24th Arnold Gutbucket Comedian

25th Duane Andrew Vocalist

26th Dave Banana Singer/Guitarist

27th Kev Wells Vocalist

31st Arnold Gutbucket Comedian




7th Arnold Gutbucket Comedian



22nd Mark Andrew Smith Vocalist



Granary Bar
Granary Bar
Granary Bar
Granary Bar
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